Content Management System

Our Content Management System (CMS) allows you to manage your website's data from anywhere in the world. Whether you're on vacation, on the job, or stuck in a business meeting, as long as your computer or laptop has internet access, you can login to nSytes, make changes to your website's content, and see those changes immediately show on your website! And the good news for you is that you never have to pay your web master to make those changes for you!

It's really that easy!

We also build custom Content Management Systems for those clients who prefer to have their CMS custom developed and operated independently within their own site. Some of those scenarios are described in our portfolio.

image of accessing content management system on the job

Your Dashboard

When nSytes users log in to their nSytes Dashboard, they are presented with a list of their site's management menu options. There can be more than one user per site and each user's menu list can be customized.

See the screenshot below of a typical CMS Dashboard:

cms screenshot

Some Web Designs and Applications Developed by nSytes

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