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Wetzl Development - a Redesign and CMS
Tags: Buffalo Web Design and Development, Wetzl Development, home builder, home developer, apartments, hamburg, orchard park, east aurora, ny
blog photo Wetzl Development was seeking a new look for their website as well as content management. nSytes is pleased to handle their web project and bring them a fresh, new look as well as integrating their new site into the nSytes CMS. Now, in addition to the typical page content updates they are able to do, they are also able to manage photos in the several photo galleries they use to show case their development projects and apartment rentals.

The Wetzl Family has proudly been building homes in Western New York for over 40 years and is committed to building finely crafted homes that reflect the personal design choices and dreams of its owners. They offer freedom and flexibility to their customers to build the home of their dreams, where and how they want it. Check out their new site at: www.wetzldevelopment.com »
Anthony NY Salon Gets Content Management
Tags: Buffalo Web Design and Development, Anthony NY Salon, hair, skin, nails, massage, Williamsville, NY
blog photo Anthony NY Salon, located in Williamsville, NY, was having a difficult time getting their website updated in a timely manner. Anthony came to nSytes seeking help in converting his current site into one that is integrated into the nSytes Content Management System, enabling his team to make updates to their services, staff, and all of their website pages.

Check out Anthony's website and look over the services they offer that range from hair, nails, skin, and massage.  View Anthony's website here: Anthony NY Salon »
New Website for Dr. George Haddad, MDPC
Tags: Buffalo Web Design and Development, Dr. George Haddad, MDPC, primary care physician, medical practice
blog photo Today's medical world is changing and now requires physicians to have a public website for patients to obtain some basic information about the doctor's practice as well as access records via a web portal.

It was our privilege to provide this for Dr. Haddad's practice by designing and developing a new website for him.

Dr. George Haddad’s medical practice is located in Kenmore, NY. and Dr. Haddad treats patients 18 years of age and older for general medical conditions. Check out his new website at:  www.drgeorgehaddad.com
NorthPoint Consulting Redesigned
Tags: Buffalo Web Design and Development, NorthPoint Consulting Group, economics, finance, public policy, regulated industries, non-regulated industries, law firms
blog photo NorthPoint Consulting Group was seeking some updates to their website and, along with those updates, nSytes provided a fresh, new look to better showcase their consulting firm.

NorthPoint Consulting Group is a research and management consulting firm with expertise in economics, finance, regulatory and public policy. Clients include companies in regulated and non regulated industries, public policy institutions, and law firms.

Check out their website and their services at: www.npcgllc.com.
Solid Surface Acrylics: A Fresh Look with Content Management
Tags: Buffalo Web Design and Development, solid surface, acrylics, table tops, solid surface sheet products
blog photo Solid Surface Acrylics needed some updates to their current site, needing a better way to show off their product line, keep the website current with their color samples, and give interested companies a quick way to order samples or inquire about their services. Along with a fresh, new look, we added them to the nSytes Content Management System, giving them the ability to keep the site up-to-date on their own.

Visit their new website at: www.ssacrylics.com and take a look at their product offerings.
A Redesign for Clinical Healthcare Management System
Tags: Buffalo Web Design and Development, healthcare assessments, healthcare services, community healthcare, buffalo, ny
blog photo Clinical Healthcare Management System was looking for a more contemporary look to their existing website. While we were at it, we added customer testimonials and employment opportunities as new features of the site. And - since healthcare is such a rapidly changing field these days, it made sense for them to be able to make quick updates to their website's content. We added them to the nSytes Content Management System and they're now able to keep their content accurate and fresh on their own.

Visit their new website at: www.CHMSNY.com and see how Clinical Healthcare Management System can help you with your healthcare needs.
Zamkro Development LLC - a New Look
Tags: Buffalo Web Design and Development, home builder, custom homes, orchard park, southtowns, wny
blog photo Zamkro Development wanted a new look for their home building website. In addition to the new website design we gave them, nSytes also provided integration into our Content Management System so they would be able to add new photos and page content whenever they needed, without incurring additional cost.

Visit their new website at: www.Zamkro.com » or call Dean Kroll to talk about the design of your new home: 716.479.0684.
A Redesign for Buffalo Neuropsychology
Tags: Buffalo Web Design and Development, neuropsychology, neuropsychologist, Michael P. Santa Maria, Ph.D., Jessica J. Englert, Ph.P., buffalo, new york
blog photo Michael Santa Maria, Ph.D. and Jessica Englert, Ph.D. wanted a redesign for their neuropsychology practice's website. nSytes gave them a whole new look as well as integrated them into the nSytes Content Management System. Dr. Santa Maria and Dr. Englert are now enjoying their new look and are feeling good about having the control over their website's content.

You can visit their new website at: www.buffaloneuropsychology.com ». To schedule an appointment with Dr. Santa Maria or Dr. Englert, call 716-690-2560.
Atlanta Media Conversion: New Business - New Site
Tags: Buffalo Web Design and Development, digital conversions, film, videos, tapes, photos, slides
blog photo Our new client, Atlanta Media Conversion, has just launched their new business of converting old media (film, videos, tapes, photos, and slides) into digitally formatted media. They needed a website to advertise their digital media conversion capabilities for clients in their area as well as throughout the United States. We were happy to provide them with a striking website that has a little "wow" factor that's just right for the digital world. We also connected them to the nSytes Content Management System, giving them the ability to make changes to their website's content.

Do you have old videos, photographs, tapes, or slides that you want to organize and preserve forever?  Visit their site at: Atlanta Media Conversion and let them convert those precious memories into digital media files that you can keep for a lifetime!
Scotty's Hubcaps Website Launched
Tags: Buffalo Web Design and Development, Scotty's Hubcaps, hubcaps, wheel covers, trim rings, center caps, online store
blog photo Scotty's growing business needed a web presence with an online store to sell his massive inventory of hubcaps, wheel covers, trim rings, and center caps. We were very pleased to put together a dynamic looking site with an intuitive shopping experience for his customers.

If you don't find what you're looking for on Scotty's new website, let him know just what you need and he'll find it for you! Click here to visit Scotty's Hubcaps: ScottyHubcaps.com »

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