Reasons Why Your Website May Need Re-designing

Sue gives her Top 10 Reasons For Giving Your Site a Make-over:

  1. 10. Your site feels cramped and busy

    Information is important to today's visitor and it's very difficult to make sense of a busy page cluttered with unorganized images, text, and even important information.

    Today's sites make good use of white space. This important whitespace gives your visitor a little breathing room and creates some order of all that information you might want to show off. It's easier on the eye, and with larger and wider display monitors, you've got a larger canvas to showcase your important information off a bit. And it may even be advantageous to create a new page or two out of all that information.

  2. 9. Your site looks squished, small, or lost

    Monitors are getting larger and wider and more people are viewing your site on a larger canvas, so to speak. If your site was designed years ago, it was probably built for a small, 800x600 display. It might be time to update that and take advantage of more space. The rule-of-thumb today is 960 pixels wide.

  3. 8. Your site is waaaaay over on the left side of the monitor

    For the same reasons as above, your site might have been designed for a smaller monitor and was told to "hug" the left side of the person's monitor. Today, on one of the wider monitors, that might look a little funky. Time for an update!

  4. 7. Half of your site is waaay over on the left and the other is waaay over on the right

    Years ago, that was a great idea if you had a little bit of content and you were showing your site on smaller monitors, but today, it might looks very strange stretched way out like that on a large, wider monitor. You might want to rearrange your content to take advantage of all that space or confine it to a fixed width that is nicely centered on a wide screen.

  5. 6. You have those little gray 3-d borders surrounding everything on your site!

    Yuck! While borders can be attractive, tables and their default borders can be quite ugly to today's internet visitor. Time to update your site with a stylesheet and some ATTRACTIVE borders or organization of your content!

  6. 5. The bottom of your site that says, "Best viewed in IE 5 or above at 800 x 600"

    IE8 was just released! Mozilla's FireFox and Chrome have become very popular browsers. And hey, MAC is BACK! Update your site with professional css styling that ensures your site is compatible in all browsers!

  7. 4. Your site is copyrighted for 2006 or earlier

    Those dates can be dynamically generated, so don't date yourself by having a static date remain there year after year! And if your site HASN'T been touched for 3 years or more, it's probably time to make some updates anyway. Styles change and the web is no different. First impressions are important and oftentimes, your website is a customer's first introduction to you or your business. You want that first impression to be positive, clear, well-organized, and contemporary.

  8. 3. Your homepage is full of blinking lights, flashing graphics, and scrolling marquees

    SENSORY OVERLOAD! Years ago, people thought the more motion and colors the better - but now? NOT! Organize your homepage well, make good use of white space, and draw attention to your important items with style. If you organize it right, your visitors will be able to find what you're offering without all the sensory overload.

  9. 2. You can't find yourself in search engine searches

    Now THAT'S a BIGGIE! I don't think I need to harp too much on this. You KNOW you WANT your site to be found! Your site should be redesigned with SEO in mind! This issue, alone, is worth the investment in a website re-design and can translate directly into dollars for you.

  10. And the #1 reason why your site may need a make-over:
    People are greeted with a screen that says "Click to Enter" when they land on your site!

    How old is that?! Today's internet visitor EXPECTS to already BE THERE when they arrive at your site. They don't want to have to click AGAIN to be there! Get rid of that screen and present your visitor with all the important information - or at least a well organized menu of LINKS all of your really important content. People are in a hurry; give them what they're looking for; don't make them jump through hoops to get it!

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